Elohim Development Foundation

About the organization

Elohim Development Foundation is a Nigerian based non-governmental, not for profit, human rights, peace and development Organisation committed to the relief of poverty and the pursuit of well-being for vulnerable groups especially the youths and women. It was established in the year 2006 and has a CAC registration of CAC/IT/NO 41894

Vision statement

We envisage a generation of youths with high moral values who are equipped with the necessary skills to cope with the challenges of everyday life.

Mission statement

To equip and inspire young people with the necessary skills needed to fulfill their destinies and succeed in today’s global world through, seminars, lectures and trainings while upholding high moral standards.


• To advocate for the rights of youths and women. • To establish youth friendly centers and encourage educational and empowerment initiatives in communities. • To engender peace and enhance intergroup relations in a non-violent way. • To embark on civic education, legislative advocacy on sexual and reproductive health rights. • To partner with CSOs, private sector, government agencies, donor agencies and other international bodies in the realization of the SDGs. • To increase access to credit and income generating opportunities for youths, women and other vulnerable groups.

Thematic areas of work

• Health • Human Rights/Gender • Education • Peace and Security • Agriculture

Contact address of organization

4 Gondo Alour street , Makurdi 07031332714 (elohimyouths2@yahoo.com, vdaaor@yahoo.com )