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Oasis of Restoration Foundation (ORF) is a Not-for-Profit, Non-Governmental Organisation involved in emergency relief/humanitarian and social development interventions. The organisation was legally registered in 2019, with a duly constituted seasoned Board of Trustees. The primary aim of Oasis of Restoration is to save lives and restore the dignity of persons affected by natural or man-made disasters/conflicts, through timely, appropriate and participatory humanitarian interventions. ORF works to promote the quality of life of all people with preferential option for the poor and vulnerable through poverty alleviation activities in a gender, age, cultural and time sensitive manner, with particular attention to marginalised groups especially children, young girls, orphans, youths, women, elderly, terminally ill, people living with disability, victims of human trafficking and irregular migration, internally displaced persons, refugees and other marginalised groups. We also engage in short to long term human development programmes for improved well-being of all peoples through Agricultural, Livelihoods, skills acquisition, Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WaSH), Shelter, Nutrition, Education, Healthcare, Anti-Human Trafficking and Migration, Protection, Good Governance, Micro Finance, Accountability and Social Cohesion programmes. ORF partners with other NGOs; Charity organisations; Faith Based Organisations; Development and Research institutions; Government ministries, departments and agencies; Individuals; Private sector; Donor Agencies; Multi-lateral organisations; Foreign Governments and Agencies for Aid relief, capacity building, technical assistance, social development and behavioural change.

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