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About the organization

Public Enlightenment Project (PEP) is a national non-governmental, non-profit organization founded in Nigeria in 2000 by a group of advocates. The organization is registered with Nigeria’s Corporate Affairs Commission with Reg. No: 12745 in February 2000.

Vision statement

PEP envisions a Nigerian society where women and young people alongside the men are co-participants in the nation’s march towards a healthy socio-economic development.

Mission statement

Committed to inspiring Nigerian women and young people to make contributions to the sustainable development of their communities by empowering them with information, knowledge and skills.


1. To support the practice that allows the participation of women and young people in decision-making and governance processes by promoting democratic ideals and increasing citizens engagement in democratic governance. 2. To promote capacity building for institutional strengthening of democratic structures in national and sub national governments. 3. To increase women’s economic empowerment by providing them with financial and non financial services, tools and skills to strengthen their income. 4. To promote stronger gender mainstreaming efforts that culminates in the reduction of incidences of sexual and gender based violence, trafficking in persons, and illegal migration.

Thematic areas of work

Democratic Governance Citizens Engagement Education Health and Nutrition- Trafficking in Persons/Migration Women Economic Empowerment Gender and Sexual based Violence

Contact address of organization

35 FINBARRS ROAD BY AGUIYI IRONSI LAYOUT JUNCTION UMUAHIA, ABIA STATE NIGERIA TEL:+2348035892100 EMAIL: info@pepnigeria.org admin@pepnigeria.org