About the organization

WOMEN & YOUTH EMPOWERMENT FOR ADVANCEMENT & HEALTH INITIATIVE is a non-Governmental, non -Profit; non – Political and non – Religious Organization founded in November 2011 and was duly registered with corporate Affairs commission in December 2012. The registration number is CAC/IT/NO 58087 and WYEAHI’s Data Universal Numbering System (DUNS) is 850555374. The Organization plays a new and energizing role in bringing Women and Youths who are leaders in many fields into elective and appointive positions to promote Health, Democracy, Peace and good Governance in Nigeria. It is creating new opportunities for Women and Youths to come together and participate in the development of the nation in all ramifications. WYEAHI shall organize Workshop/Training for Women and Youths on Health, Conflict Management, Peaceful Democracy and Economic empowerment among these two key groups. WYEAHI shall work towards providing comprehensive care and support that will bring relief to the families and communities who are infected and affected by HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis and other related infectious diseases in a loving and compassionate way and mitigate the scourge of these infection among these two key groups and beyond through result oriented strategies to give hope to the hopeless.

Vision statement

A healthy Society with equal rights and opportunities for Women, Youths and Disable in Nigeria

Mission statement

WHEAHI shall provide comprehensive training and support for Women, Youths and Disable at all levels of Government on Health, Politics and Economic Empowerment. This will enable these two key groups to participate fully in Developmental activities in Nigeria and beyond.


1. To promote leadership qualities in Nigerian women and Youths 2. To train and support women and youths in peaceful democratic Leadership 3. To promote health and sustainable human development 4. To establish linkage and foster relations co-operation among faith based organization and community based organization and non - Governmental organization 5. To provide support for less privileged and unreached population for charity only and conduct regular seminars and training on dangers of unhealthy living 6. To promote effective conflict resolution through workshop/training on conflict management among women and youth 7. To solicit for the enactment of the law for the protection of women, Youths and children.

Thematic areas of work

1. Livelihood & Empowerment; a. Peaceful/positive participation in Democracy by women and Youth project b. Conflicts Management among Women and Youth project c. Female Sex Workers d. Economic Empowerment of Women and Youth project e. Care and Support for people living with HIV (PLHIV’s), Orphans and Venerable Children (OVC’s) project 2. Promotion Of Health • Quality Health Care Services for Maternal, Neonatal and Child Health (MNCH) project • HIV/AIDS prevention, Malaria, Tuberculosis and other related infectious diseases to Female sex Workers, Road Transport Workers and Uniform Men project • HIV/AIDS prevention education to Out-of-School and In-School Youths • Voluntarily and Confidential Counseling and testing project • The Organization also involves in WASH, ensuring the vision of Open Defecation Free (ODF) by 2030 is achieved. 3. Education: a. Basic Education b. Girls Child Education project c. Out- of-School Education project d. Work for literacy Campaign 4. Gender/Women’s and children’s Human Rights: a. Gender Training b. Women and children’s Human Rights Education project c. Women with special needs Empowerment projects e.g Widows, separated and divorce. d. Fight against Child Trafficking and all forms of Child abuse project 5. Governance/Civic Education a. Leadership Training b. Voters Education project c. Governance and Civic Education project d. Human Rights/ Education project 6. Research and Documentation: a. Baseline Surveys b. IEC Material development c. Publication of Research 7. Conflict Management; a. Conflict Management among women and youth project b. Peaceful/Positive participation in Democracy by Women and Youth project among others

Contact address of organization

1. No 4 opposite EYN Church, Bajabure Federal Housing Estate, Jimeta-Yola Adamawa State, Nigeria. 2. No 3, Circular Road, Old G.R.A Maiduguri, Borno State 3. Giwa Shishiwa, Ptil Nyamdu’s House Lassa, Askira/Uba LGA Borno State