Women’s Right To Education Programme

About the organization

Women's Right to Education Programme (WREP) is a registered (RC 488118) non-governmental, non-profit and voluntary organization established with the aim to provide a platform for Women, Youth and other stakeholders in education, as well as liaise and initiate projects to facilitate our quest for quality education for all. WREP also seeks to engender development by promoting women's empowerment and values that promote Self-Reliance, Democracy, Equality and Socio- Political Economic Justice. Our Stakeholders identified the need to tackle crippling effects of illiteracy and lack of access to school amongst the girl-child, women and youths in our communities. We recognize that Functional Education is an important requirement towards the empowerment of women and youths in all facets of national life and most importantly, in assisting them to develop their skills and become self-reliant and enterprising.

Vision statement

WREP envisions a Nigeria where there is equality of men and women and where socio-economic justice prevails and all livein peace and harmony.

Mission statement

To promote a true culture of lifelong learning and promote the practice of transparency and accountability in the mobilization, allocation and utilization of community, state and national resources in such a way as to achieve an acceptable level of standard of living for every Nigerian.


1. To promote the enrolment, retention and completion of the girl child education in schools by contributing to the local economic development initiatives in education for women and girls especially in the rural areas; 2. To undertake lobbying, advocacy and research n the area of gender equality in order to promote youth and women advancement and empowerment strategies; 3. To build capacity for increased human rights culture awareness and address societal violence against women and youths; 3 To build the capacity of communities on Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) and conflict resolution strategies using advocacy and training workshops to reduce violence against women and girls; 4 To promote transparency accountability and the inclusion and active participation of women in the extractive sector of the economy through institutional strengthening, trainings and capacity sharing programmes. 5 To promote good governance and respect for the rule of law by supporting the building and promotion of transparency and accountability structures within the public and civil society sectors of the Nigerian economy; and6 To undertake lobbying, advocacy and research in the area of gender equality and gender justice in order to promote youth and women advancement and empowerment strategies.

Thematic areas of work

Girl- Child Education/Out Of School Children/Learning outcomes Legislative Strengthening and Advocacy Participation of women in the extractive sector of the economy through training and capacity development, strengthening and sharing Lobbying, Advocacy, Research and Documentation Armed Violence- Small Arms and Light Weapon (SALW) regulations Gender Rights and Justice Revenue Transparency in the Extractive Sector (with emphasis on gender) Youth – Internship programmes (skill development for adolescents, entrepreneurship) Democratic Governance (Civic & Voter Education/Election Observation) Humanitarian Response and Disarmament (Gender Based Violence; Protection; Education in Emergencies and Food Security)

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