Feminist Humanitarian Network (FHN) Member COVID-19 Response Project

Women in Humanitarian Response in Nigeria Initiative (WIHRINI) with support from FHN coordinated through its member organizations cash transfers as response aid to affected Female Headed Households in the informal sector. This was done when the impact of COVID-19 was at its highest in 2020 across the 36 States of Nigeria including the Federal Capital Territory. A total of 498 women were reached and this number was inclusive of all groups as we worked hand in hand with the Network of Disabled Women to ensure that no group was marginalized. These women were particularly from local communities who were in the informal sector especially daily wage owners who were economically affected by the COVID-19 crises and lost their sources of livelihoods.

The project significantly impacted on the women positively as most of them revived their small businesses using the funds received through the cash transfer.

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